Sunday, 31 August 2014

Sawdust City Grand Opening Part 2: The Tour

Crazy Stilt Wearing Cowboy Thing Welcomes You
 The Tour

A few photos from a quick tour conducted by Adam one of the brewers. It feels weird as the space still seems so empty, and large. However, I imagine demand for the product will certainly make this space seem very small in just a couple of years.

The lovely ladies behind the cash need a raise... They were swamped. P.S. Check out the Hardware!
The Gift Shop and Bottle Store
The Grain Mill: Where greatness begins
A Shiny new Four Stage Brewhouse

Adam one of the Brewers conducts the tour... in front of one of the four fermenters

Bright Tank and Barrel aging
The Can Lift

Which feeds the can line

State of the art canning line.

So many cans waiting for greatness to be thrust upon them.