Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Beer # 107 Stack Brewing Saturday Night

Saturday Night Cream Ale

Stack Brewing Company

Sudbury, Ontario, Canada
Cream Ale 5.3% ABV Brown Glass Boston Round 1 L (32 oz).
$6.00 (Canadian) At The Brewery
Twitter: @Stackbrewing

1 Litre Sharing Size
I discovered Stack Brewing last October when we went up to Science North and found the beer in a little cheese shop near our hotel called Fromagerie Elgin. (A culinary adventure in itself! Try the house made pate) This was actually the first beer I tried and then later I got to try a few more at the local pub Hard Rock 42. (Another Sudbury must see) The rest of the province noticed this brewery earlier this year when the Ontario Brewing awards were released and Stack had taken home gold in the Farmhouse/Bier de Garde category for their "Les Portes de L'enfer."
Gold Bier de Garde Category
So when we returned to Science North this year I made a point of dropping in and picking up a few to add to the blog (Sadly they were all out of the gold medal winner I had to settle for the picture of the trophy instead).

More on Stack in the next post... Stay tuned.

Onto the beer:

I think there was an unwritten rule in Ontario that the first Brewery that opened in the Nickel City had to name one of their beer's after that iconic Northern Ontario anthem "Sudbury Saturday Night" by Canada's late great Ambassador of Music Stompin' Tom Conners... So job well done guys. My favourite version is here.

Colour is clear gold with a small off-white head made up of small bubbles. Aroma is caramel malt and medicinal hops with a touch of sulphur, or wet dog smell. Deep maltiness, wet grain, and some dark sugar on the taste. Very dry and fairly cleansing. Aeration brings out the wet grains and a hint of light fruit.

Impressions: Fail, So-so, Pass, Exceptional
Cost: 6/5 PASS
Colour: 6/5 PASS
Beer Style: 6/5 PASS
Re-Order:  6/3 SO-SO
Experience:  6/4 PASS
Each bottle features a very short story

Final Thoughts

Saturday Night is very similar in my mind to some of the macro beers; Canadian, and Budweiser, spring to mind. However, it is better put together and has more flavour than the big boys. I would recommend this beer as a baby step for those who have been raised on macros to enter the world of craft beer. Don't be afraid of the flavour guys! While it would not be a beer that I would regularly drink, it is a good beer for the masses, who will hopefully leave the macros behind and buy local. Remember, buying craft beer puts money in the pockets of your neighbours.



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