Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Beer # 133 Goose Island Sofie


Chicago, Illinois, USA

Owned by Anheuser-Busch Inbev
Belgian Style Farmhouse Ale (Flavoured) 6.5 % ABV 
Brown Glass Bottle 765 ml
$9.95 (Canadian) At LCBO 
Twitter: @gooseisland

Another quick one from Goose Island. Tonight's beer is a Belgian Farmhouse ale that is done slightly differently. 20% of the beer is aged in wine barrels with orange peels, then blended with regular ale. It is a nice touch leaving the beer very complex yet still subtle. It also is unfiltered and bottle conditioned on the lees.

Onto the tasting:

Light gold in colour with a slight tinge of green and just a hint of cloudiness. Bright white, towering head made up of medium sized bubbles.Head disperses quickly leaving a delicate lace pattern. Nose is very green with orange peel, mixed citrus and coriander some caramel and vanilla, very light. Some light bread and yeast notes. First sip is winey, green, caramel, bready, fruit and floral. Some tartness at the finish. Aeration brings out oak, caramel, vanilla and yeast.

Impressions: Fail, So-so, Pass, Exceptional 

Cost: 4/6 PASS

Colour: 5/6 PASS
Beer Style: 6/6 EXCEPTIONAL
Re-Order:  6/6 EXCEPTIONAL
Experience:  5/6 PASS

Final Thoughts: 

A very good beer, lots of complexity, yet not overwhelming. A good blend of barley and wheat to make a smooth very drinkable beer.


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