Friday, 6 April 2018

Where I have been...

Well sportsfans, I am back again after another too lengthy absence. The winter took a bit of a toll on me what with having 2 bouts of sickness and some pretty severe exhaustion due to an unusual workload; I haven't had much time to sit and write. Mind you I have had time to pick up interesting beers and sock them away much to the chagrin of The Queen of Pint  Jockey Headquarters who regularly insists I move them/drink them/ or just do something with them. I am however gearing up for the summer beer festival season Funk Fest is on the horizon, as is Sessions Muskoka ( which should be interesting to check out this year as stewardship of Sessions have switched to Sawdust City Brewing Company after Gryphon Events decided to exit the festival. I have a couple of road trips planned where I want to visit a few breweries that have been on my radar for awhile (more details will follow as plans firm up). If all goes well I may also have a big year end trip to somewhere special to write about, I'm not going to say much until I have the tickets in my hand but it is somewhere I have always wanted to go, stay tuned!

In other news, I have been streamlining the site for the last couple of days. I was always dissatisfied with my brewery links page and decided it was time for it to go. It was a monumental task to try and keep updated and honestly it is much easier to find web links these days so I didn't feel it was necessary. Instead, I put in a link to Mom and Hop's Ontario beverage Net's Brewer's List which is one of my go-to sources for beer information, and theirs is kept up to date (it's like they have staff or something... not just a cat like me...) Sadly it's only for Ontario, I can not seem to find a comprehensive list of all Canadian brewers, and while that does sound like a fun job... I do not have the time. The other link I have added is to directly replace the brewery links and it is more of a photojournal page. Every brewery I visit I will add in and post the main information about the brewery and some photos I took on my tour. I thought this would be easy, but as I started digging through my picture archives I do have a lot of brewery visits under my belt. I have a few in there now, check them out. I will add more as I go along.

Speaking of brewery visits, I had a chance to visit my second home townlast weekend: North Bay, Ontario. So I visited Highlander Brew Co. and New Ontario Brewing Company on my way up and came back with a little stack of loveliness. I am posting a few of these today and more as the week progresses.

Other than that. I'm just sitting here looking at my garden waiting for spring. Because my window has an over abundance of pepper plants in it. (My other hobby growing super hot peppers).

So lot's of new stuff coming (I'm excited are you excited?) keep in touch, check out the new links, and follow me on all the media platforms because I Instagram almost daily



Carolina Reapers, Satan Strain Morugas, Apaches, Aji Limons
Fish, Black Panther, and more Apache peppers