Saturday, 11 November 2017

And I shall Hug him, and Squeeze him, and call him "George" Beer # 378

Beer # 378 George American Brown Ale 
Collaboration with: Sawdust City Brewing Company

Brewery: Big Rig Kitchen and Brewery

 Independent Microbrewery/Brewpub    Est.:  2012

Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Beer Style: American Pale Ale
ABV: 4.7%      IBU: 
Format: Draught  Size: 20 oz
Cost: $7.00 CAD     Purchased At: The Brewery

Sawdust City Brewing Company

Type: Independent Microbrewery Est.: 2012
Location: Gravenhurst, Ontario, Canada

bigrigbrewery        sawdustcitybeer


Down at the brewery the other day, and they had this excellent collab with Big Rig Brewery out of Ottawa. I had to try it because of the name... "What do you want to call your beer?" "
George." "Heh... Why not?" It made me think of that old Looney Tunes cartoon where the Abominable Snowman is looking for a pet bunny. Graciously provided by YouTube on the right here.

Let's try out "George."

Pours a rich mahogany, just slightly translucent that sparks ruby as the light shines through. Off-white head with hints of tan is made up of tiny bubbles and stands tall thick and creamy. Aroma is herbal and nutty with light hints of smoke and caramel. First sip caramel sweet with a nice hop bitterness to balance. Very fruity and nutty, light hints of smouldering malt with touches of bruleed sugar. Very open and airy, drinks on the lighter bodied side despite the intense flavours.
aeration gives us lots of nuts hints of green hop bitterness a touch of marijuana some molasses and dark roasted barley.

Impressions: Fail, So-so, Pass, Exceptional 

Cost: 5/6 PASS

Colour: 5/6 PASS
Beer Style: 6/6 EXCELLENT
Re-Order:  5/6 PASS
Experience: 6/6 EXCELLENT

Final Thoughts:

So tasty. A nice crushable brown ale. Well rounded flavours and a good balance. See if you can find this one... it is a limited run.



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