Monday, 16 October 2017

Happy National Cat Day!

Perry says: Screw your camera... gimme the treats.

Happy National Cat Day from our Pint Jockey Headquarters Editor at Large and Chief Typo Inserter  Perry  (Periwinkle) T.

Well back at it again. I was hoping to spend more time with the blog this week as I was away from that thing which pays me money yet cuts into my drinking time. I believe the term for it is "Vacation," sadly it is not a word I use often enough to remember if that is the correct definition. I have a couple of posts coming up tonight and a few more tomorrow... before I have to go back to that place that pays me.

As Editor Perry says it is National Cat Day. I hope if you have a cat at home you can spare an extra few belly rubs, a treat or two, or a few extra tosses of the catnip mouse for our self-designated furry overlords.


CJT and Perry