Thursday, 5 February 2015

Big Mouth Tap Room Pale Ale Hop City Brewing Company

#202 Big Mouth Tap Room Pale Ale

Hop City Brewing Company

Niagara, Ontario, Canada
Saint John, New Brunswick
Wholly Owned Craft Beer Subsidiary of Moosehead Breweries
Pale Ale
5.0 % ABV 473 ml Aluminium Can 
$2.85 (Canadian) At LCBO 

Twitter: @HopCityBrewing

Back down to Hop City again, the craft brewing arm of Moosehead Breweries. Tonight's beer is a pale ale, and I do believe it has been quite some time since I tasted a true pale ale (so many IPAs, so little liver...). My liver has a long history with pale ales, for a year or two in college Bass Pale Ale was my poison. So I am always happy to find a good one near at hand.

Onto the tasting...

Pours a pale clear gold with a scant off-white head made up of tiny bubbles. Aromas of honey, lychee, some floral, and bitter greens. First sip is very light, effervescent, light tropical fruit, and honey, light notes of sweetened green tea, and hints of jasmine. Aeration brings out the slightest hint of malt.

Cost: 5/6 PASS
Colour: 5/6 PASS
Beer Style: 4/6 PASS
Re-Order:  4/6 PASS
Experience:  4/6 PASS

Final Thoughts:

Two things about this beer struck me. One, I thought I was drinking a bubble tea flavoured beer. While the fruit and honey and all is quite balanced All I could think of was "where are my tapioca pearls." Sadly it was very distracting. Two, this beer seriously lacks body. Almost to the point of being watery. While I don't mind a light refreshing beer for summer sipping, this one seems a little too light. However, that being said, this would be an excellent gateway beer for someone who has only ever drunk macro beers and wants to try new things. Everyone has that buddy who won't put down that can of bud light. Buy him a case of this and warm his frozen taste buds up.


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