Monday, 23 June 2014

OCB Week Location # 3 The Only Cafe

The Only Cafe

Honestly, this bar is my home away from home. It is the greatest, art bar, boho bar live music bar, and craft beer bar ever ( I'm being biased)

It was at one time the local watering hole of one of Canada's best Independent bands ever: The Lowest of the Low. They mention the bar in two of their songs... see the videos to the right.I spent (wasted)  many a good night here. It is a place the world comes to see you. The only was a craft beer bar before there really was craft beer bars. I came in here for my first sip of Duggan's #9... I used to drink Big Rock Traditional in here before Big Rock was a Big Thing... No matter how crowded, how hectic and how hip it seems.. it's not. It's home... a place where you can strike up a conversation with someone you would have never known. Play a game of scrabble, or Trivial pursuit with them... long before the advent of Game Cafes.... The Only welcomes all... The the Only. As cryptic as that sounds, only someone who has had a pint here will know... it is a slow clap, nod in acknowledgement, only the best will know club. I am proud to have called The Only my Local at one time, and no matter how much she changes... she always welcomes me home.

Ono the Tastings!

Beer # 1

Maris Pale Ale
Left Field Brewery (Toronto)
ABV 4.5 %

very clear gold in colour whispy white head nose is light grain some caramel. First sip is light malt caramel, some grain, very thin, a little watery. A touch of vanilla and a little wood.

Beer # 2

So Say We All Session IPA
Nickel Brook Brewery (Burlington)
ABV 4.2%

Dark and brooding. Colour is a cloudy deep chestnut.Thin white head is almost non-existent. Nose is roasted grain a little burnt sugar some oak and vanilla. First sipp is nutty toasted malt and light chocolate. There are very light coffee notes, as well as a slight woodiness.

Beer # 3

Genius of Suburbia
Flying Monkey's Brewery (Barrie)

Light gold in colour, thin white head.Pine and citrus on the nose. There is a lot of Christmas tree going on in this nose.The taste of pine is milder than the nose.herbal hops pop up in place of the pine, The taste is very light and refreshing. Cleansing on the palate.

Beer # 4

Professor Dunkel Bock
Barley Days Brewery (Picton)
ABV 6.0%

Red in colour, with a thin white head. Dark caramel nose, burnt sugars, and fresh herbs.First sip is cloves, pumpernickel bread some molasses, caraway, deeply toasted malt

Beer # 5

Keefe's Irish Stout
Granite Brewery ( Toronto )
ABV 3.8%

Extremely dark brown, light tan head. Roasted malt on the nose some smoke, and coffee. First sip is coffee with some chocolate, tosted malt, some molasses, and turbinado sugar.

Beer # 6

Root Down
Wellington Brewery ( Guelph)
Flavoured Golden Ale
ABV 5.0%

Very light gold in colour with a very thin white head. The nose is all ginger. Deeply floral taste that explodes with ginger. Light graininess, and a touch of hops. Very smooth, reminiscent ginger beer.

Beer # 7

Beau's all Natural Brewing (Van Kleek Hill )
ABV 4.8%

Copper in colour with a white head. Sweet sugar and malt on the nose. Pastry, and sugar, like a bear claw. Wheaty and sweet. Caramel , and bread develops, and turns into some darker malt. Middle of the road.

Beer # 8

504 Pale Ale
Liberty Village Brewery
ABV 4.8 %

Light to clear gold in colour with a long lasting white head made of tiny bubbles. Hoppy and piney on the nose, light grapefruit and slightly toasty.First sip is very piney. moving on to light malt and some slight caramel and citrus.

Beer # 9

Cascadian  Dark Ale
Junction Craft Brewery
Black IPA
ABV 5.0%

Dark coffee brown with a light tan head. Aroma is all coffee and chocolate with a light herbal essence. First sip is bitter coffee and very dark chocolate deeply roasted malt and dark rye bread. Slightly bitter finish roasty and toasty.

Beer # 10

Grand River Brewing
Red Ale
Cask ABV 6.0%

Exceedingly brown to black thin wisp of a head just off-white. Nose is high alcohol, grapey, sweet, bourbon and brandy. First sip is candy and maple syrup. sweet and well rounded. slightly sticky Some oak, vanilla, and toasted sugars. Slightly rum centred taste.Very unusual and very delightful.