Thursday, 26 June 2014

Beer # 134 Augustijn


Brouwerij Van Steenberg

Lindenlaan, Ertvelde,
Independent (Distributed by SAB Miller)
Belgian Golden Ale  7.0 % ABV Brown Glass Bottle 330 ml
$3.33(Canadian) At LCBO 
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Another beer from the Fridge of Fame. Part of a Belgian beer collection I got a while ago. Luckily for me most good Belgian beers can stand a little age in the bottle, and this one was no exception. It opened with a big spurt which I discovered was from being left on the lees for a secondary fermentation. There was no real spillage. There was a small amount of sediment that posed no problem to pouring. This particular beer has been brewed in Belgium since 1295 with only one recipe rework in 1978 when the main production of the beer was handed over to the current brewery from the Augustinian Monks. The taste profile was balanced slightly and it was redesigned to undergo a secondary fermentation in the bottle.

Anyway... onto the tasting.

Dark rich golden colour with a bright white head, very large and made of small bubbles. Aromas of yeast, fresh bread, and light malt. First sip is citrusy, good malt, snappy, effervescent. Alcohol is noticeable but not overwhelming. Taste is rich , grainy, and light. There is some spice, clove and cinnamon. Aeration gives us toasty warm bread notes, and a hit of the alcohol.

Impressions: Fail, So-so, Pass, Exceptional 

Cost: 5/6 PASS

Colour: 5/6 PASS
Beer Style: 5/6 PASS
Re-Order:  5/6 PASS
Experience:  5/6 PASS

Final Thoughts: 

I may have let this one age a bit too long. The fruity flavours are a tad muted. However, this is still a nice well rounded beer with lots going for it. This beer can honestly be enjoyed for up to 2 years after the production date... but, I wouldn't wait that long.


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