Monday, 16 September 2013

Where's Waldo and Project Update

Back Again...

Well sportsfans I have returned... it has been a long, hot, grueling summer with not a lot of spare time to sit and think and therefore, as always, I must put aside my blog for a bit. However the job front has slowed and I feel I can breathe so it is time to delve into the fridge of fame again and return to the things I enjoy the most... Tasting beer and talking about it.

When I left you, oh so long ago, I planted a teaser. I announced "Project Dzunukwa" I am happy to report it's successful completion.

Meet Dzunukwa...

Dzunukwa is the planned replacement of my aging and long suffering main computer Prometheus. It is also my first purpose built computer, and was quite a fun project. I undertook the work with two very smart young men ages 8 and 10 who did all the heavy lifting... while I supervised (granted I did stay up all night working out the bugs, installing the software, and tweaking settings). It has an AMD 8 core  processor, an ASUS Crosshair V formula Z motherboard, 32 Gigabytes of Corsair Vengence RAM, 6.25 Terabytes of Storage, and a 2 Gigabyte Sapphire Radeon Graphics card. Oh yes, it makes my little nerd heart go pitter-patter. I plan still, a few more upgrades: expansion to 12.5 Terabytes of hard drive space, and another graphics card (for an extra monitor). After that I should be able to enjoy my newly built computer for quite a few years.

If you are wondering about the name...  I was planning a big beast of a computer so I needed a big beast of a name. I prefer to name my computers after Mythology, hence Prometheus (The bringer of Fire). So I was shopping around for a good name when I had a discussion about Haida woodworking and Kwakwaka'wakw masks. I came across a mask I really liked called Dzunukwa: This one.

Dzunukwa is called the "Wild Woman." A fearsome ogre that frightens children and will eat them if she catches them. She is often associated with Sasquatch (which was the deciding factor for me!). It is said the Kwakwaka'wakw people captured Dzunukwa and burned her for many days to destroy her. Eventually, when she could not rise again, her ashes floated off and became mosquitoes. 

Well I am off again on another adventure of beer tasting. If you would like to read a bit more about the fascinating Kwakwaka'wakw people there is an article Here. I would also suggest going to Museum of Anthropology at UBC in Vancouver if you are able to.

Thanks for hanging out with me... Crack open a beer and stay awhile.